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Learn step-by-step advanced tips & tricks on how to use your Tube! We'll show you everything you need to know from Permission levels to Importing Assets from 3rd Party.

What will you learn?
Here's the Agenda for the Webinar!

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1. Tube/Workspace/Channel Permissions
We'll walk you through all of the permission levels on your Tube, Workspaces & Channels to maximize your security levels and keep secure content safe.

2. User Invitation
We'll show you how to invite users and outside collaborators to your Tube!

3. Favorite Channel and Workspace
We'll show you how to favorite channels and workspaces so they stay static on your Tube sidebar.

4. Copy & Paste Assets Between Channels
We'll show you how to easily copy and paste your assets between channels for easy last minute changes.

5. Tube Video Modules
We'll show you how to enhance your videos using the on-video Tube Modules.

6. HTML Code (Script) On the Tube
We'll show you how to add HTML Code to your Tube for clickable actions.

7. HTML Code as Header and Footer for Workspaces
We'll walk you through importing assets from 3rd party platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. This will allow you to have all your digital assets centralized in one space.

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