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Learn step-by-step the basics you need in order to get started with your Tube. Everything you need to know from creation to privatizing your content.

What will you learn?
Here's the Agenda for the Webinar!

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1. Create Your Own Tube
We'll walk you through exactly how to create your own Tube!

2. Logo, Branding, Tube Name/CNAME
We'll show you how to get started with the basics of setting up your Tube to customize it to your organization!

3. Basic Tube Settings
We'll show you where to find your settings and how to use them!

4. Uploading content To The Tube
We'll get you started with uploading your first content on the Tube!

5. Differences Between Tube, Workspaces and Channels!
We'll make sure you know the difference between your Tubes, Workspaces & all of your channels so nothing gets confusing.

6. How to set-up a Workspace & Channel
We'll get you started with your first workspace and channel to ensure you know exactly how to create more in the future.

7. Differences Between Private and Public Content
We'll show you the difference between private and public content so you can pick and choose which of your content you'd like to be shown to the public or kept only for private eyes. 


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