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Learn step-by-step advanced tips & tricks on how to use your Cincopa account. We'll show you how to utilize your analytics, setup galleries & more.

What will you learn?
Here's the Agenda for the Webinar!

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1. Different Ways to Upload & Organize Your Assets & Galleries
We'll show you the different ways of uploading and organizing your assets and galleries for a more smooth flow of data between your accounts.

2. Three Layers of Advanced Analytics
We'll walk you through the three layers of advanced analytics so you can dive deep into your audience.

3. Galleries' Setup
We'll show you how to setup your galleries properly and efficiently.

4. Assets and Galleries Restrictions, Security & Encryption
We'll guide you through the restrictions, security settings and encryption of your assets and galleries to ensure your content is showed to those you want.

5. RecTrace and Chrome Extension Library
We'll show you how to install Cincopa's RecTrace and Chrome Extension Library and how to use it!

6. Enhance Your Video with CTA, Chapter's, CC & Annotations
We'll show you how to make the most out of your digital assets with adding on-video features!

7. Account Site - Your Asset's Landing Page
We'll show you how to use your Account Site - a landing page for your digital assets.

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