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Learn step-by-step of the basics on your Cincopa account! We'll show you how to upload, publish, invite users & more!

What will you learn?
Here's the Agenda for the Webinar!

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1. How to Upload Assets
We'll show you how to upload your assets to your Cincopa accounts for all the different types of assets. 

2. Differences Between Assets & Galleries - Why You Need Both
We'll ensure you walk away from our Webinar with knowledge of the differences between assets and galleries and why both are crucial for your success. 

3. How to Publish/Embed Your Assets & Galleries
We'll show you how to publish and embed your assets and galleries for you to implement them directly to your website.

4. Types of Galleries and When/How to Use Them
We'll be showing you all the different types of galleries you have available on your Cincopa account and when and how you should be using them!

5. Basic Analytic Review
We'll walk you through the basics of your analytics and how to understand each parameter. 


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